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Seiko Instruments is a manufacturer of high performance direct thermal printing technologies. With a wide variety of printer mechanisms, portable printers, kiosk printers, and panel mount printers to meet any requirement.

  • seiko MTP201 2 in thermal printer mechanism
    The MTP Series mechanisms are a low cost, 5 volt, uni-directional direct thermal printer. Control Boards are available...
  • seiko DPU414 4 in portable thermal dot printer
    For a compact desktop or portable thermal printer, the DPU-414 is an excellent selection. It incorporates our STP...
  • seiko DPU-S445 4 in portable thermal printer
    The switch to mobile computing can offer dramatic bottom line results, by making users more efficient, shortening...
  • seiko RP-E10 3in thermal printer pos point of sale receipt
    Advanced new Qaliber RP-E series printers raise the bar for single station thermal receipt peripherals. These units...
  • seiko MPU-L465 4in portable thermal printer
    This high reliability, high resolution printer is the right tool for a variety of mobile printing applications,...
  • Rugged Printer Portable Printer 4 inch printer
    This rugged and reliable 4 inch printer can withstand drops from 6.6 feet and still print high resolution receipts at...
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